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In a world of pandemics, violence, civil unrest, natural disasters, and utter confusion, how can we believe in and uphold the truth and goodness of Christianity? Join world-class scholars at FBC Rock Hill, in Rock Hill, SC, for the 28th annual SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics as we become more equipped to defend the truth and goodness of the Gospel in a dark and confused world. For questions, call (704) 847-5600 x201

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Christa Mathias

Homeschool Parent
Former 'Open-Minded' Christian
Denver, Colorado
I am a homeschooling mom of two kids - 9th and 5th grade.  I have a strong passion for sharing the truth, especially with today's youth given the condition of our society and culture.  I am a former Word Faith/NAR, New Age Christian.

I was raised in a Word of Faith/Prosperity Gospel church that later affiliated itself with the New Apostolic Reformation.  I left the church shortly after high-school and drifted further into New Thought, due to my Word of Faith background, which led me into the New Age and Eastern philosophies.  I didn't return to the church for 20 years.  August 2020 my husband was saved. His faith in Christ made me question my own beliefs about Christianity.  I considered myself an 'open-minded', mature Christian.  In actuality, I was very lost.  My whole life I had always desired to know the Lord and had an interest in the Word, but I was fed false teachings, false gospels, and broken worldviews via the New Age.  In my search for a deeper spirituality I began reading The Passion Translation - it was different from my other bibles.  For a couple of years, I had followed the teachings of Bill Johnson & Todd White online.  My blended Christianity fit very well with their version of New Age Christianity.  March 2021 my husband wanted to start going to church.   We began attending a large megachurch.  After five months my husband wanted to get into a more serious Bible study than what was offered in our small groups.  We looked into the spiritual formation courses and soon discovered that we were in a 'soft' Progressive/New Age church that was promoting Richard Rohr, Brene Brown, R.H. Barton alongside a physcological self-help program based around Carl Jung.  It seemed odd to me that the church wasn't using the Word to shape us spiritually and instead was offering therapy sessions of sorts.  At the time, I wasn't familiar with  Rohr so I began researching him and The Passion Translation, as well as Bethel Redding, etc. Through a series of events of trying to find answers, the Lord opened my eyes to all of the false theology and doctrines that I had believed.  Late September 2021, I watched American Gospel Christ Crucified and Christ Alone.  It seemed as though those movies were produced just for me.  They really hit home.  Sad to say, I am sure that there are numerous folks with very similar stories.  My life hasn't been the same since watching the films.  It took me 41 years to see/understand the Truth in who the person of Jesus Christ is, what salvation really is, true repentance and to hear the Gospel fleshed out in full.  The majority of my life I was soo incredibly decieved. To be able to finally have proper spiritual nourishment through God's Word/his Truth, has satisfied my soul and all the seeking.  Now I can grow and learn to defend the Truth found in Jesus Christ alone.