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In a world of pandemics, violence, civil unrest, natural disasters, and utter confusion, how can we believe in and uphold the truth and goodness of Christianity? Join world-class scholars at FBC Rock Hill, in Rock Hill, SC, for the 28th annual SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics as we become more equipped to defend the truth and goodness of the Gospel in a dark and confused world. For questions, call (704) 847-5600 x201

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Wayne Y. Yee

Bay Area Chinese Bible Church
Christian Apologist
Alameda, CA USA

When I was 8 years old, I came from a broken home in which my father verbally and physically assaulted my brother and I throughout our lives until we were in high school. He would tell us that we were "... useless, you should get out of the house and never come back," and the crudest things he said to us was, "why don't you go and kill yourself". My father would violently slap my brother and I on the back of our head and whipped us with his belt and clothes hanger that left us in tears.  I was not loved by my father, but one day a missionary from a local Church invited me to Our Lord's house and I experienced Our Father's unconditional love and I accepted Christ as my personal Saviour.  All my life as a Christian, I have been active in serving my local Church and serving our Lord in many different capacities.
As a Conservative Chrisitan, I have been a party activist in the Republican party and have held many leaderships positions, including as a Sargent of Arms for the California Republican Party and have served on the Finance, Resolutions, Vice Chair of the Crime & Justice Committees, the Golden Circle of California and served in the Reagan and Bush Administrations.
As a Christian I have experienced the Lord's Amazing Grace in the best of times and the worst of times. When I was 9 yrs. old, I suffered a traumatic head injury that caused me to have a 'near death experience, I saw Jesus and he said, "This is not your time, your life will help many people and your life will have great meaning." I was the prosecution key witness in the San Francisco Chinatown's Golden Dragon Massacre where I witness three masked gang members running towards the restaurant with shotguns from my view through the bakery doors and I alerted the patrons prior to the massacre to seek refuge and the table where I hiding under during the ordeal, I later learned had less than one inch that protected my head from the shooter's shotgun blast. One month and three days after my daughter was born, a fully loaded 16 wheels semi-truck collided into my Honda Civic DX killing my brother and left me suffering from multiple traumas to my body that has continued to cause me severe to agonizing chronic pains and migraine headaches.
These aforementioned experiences in my life have had a lasting impact on my life, and has drawn me closer in my daily walk with Christ. I received the Lord's calling to learn Christian Apologetics, and to become a Christian Apologist to reach out to atheists, those that are experiencing apostasy and to the apostate.
For those who have experienced hardships of all kinds, pain and agony, suffered loss, tragedies and disappointments in their life, I teach them that our Lord provides us with unconditional love, amazing grace, comfort and understanding.
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